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Just traded up from a CBR300 last week and enjoying the fall riding here in Georgia. Only complaint is that the seat gets ridiculously hot while riding - anyone else have this issue? Solutions?

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  • Never noticed the seat being hot... just my right leg

  • Mine seemed to get hot in traffic after about an hour of riding when I bought it new. Haven't really had that issue lately though, now that I've got 1,500 on the odo. So that's cool that you are in Canton- I'm just up the road in Athens.

  • No I don't have this issue ! Nice pictures, what kind of camera is that ?

  • Never had this problem

  • Yeah, I get heat on the right side as well, though I think that's just engine and exhaust heat.

  • Thanks - actually it's just my iPhone, but the photos were processed using an iPhone app called Snapseed - really great and easy to use photo processing app.

  • What year is yours? I'm wondering if at some point they dropped heat shielding under the seat (or it's a defect)? I've seen posts where a lot of people say they don't have this prob, but there are a few that do.

  • 2012

  • Mine's a 2016 - could be a factor - thanks!

  • Upgraded from a cbr300 to this Also, always hot. Avoid traffic lol

  • Thanks - maybe it's break-in related. I'll be due for the 600 mile checkup in a week or two so I'll check with the dealer as well.

  • Yeah - not possible in the Atlanta area - tthe only way to avoid traffic is not to ride! :) I do get a lot of heat from the engine at stoplights but it goes away under speed. The seat however never cools - feels like I have a heated seat!

  • Nice!

  • Mine gets hot after awhile, not unbearable hot but you feel it, reading post and test of the bike is a common issue, a known drawback, when it reaches 100ºc (around 212ºf) the radiator fan kicks in, I suppose that the air that it moves pass under the seat and heat it, at first I was concerned about it, but after consulting it in forums and reviews I realized that it is normal in the FZ6R/XJ6F

  • I'm here in Georgia too, check out Atlanta Motorcycle Riders page, doing the mountains tomorrow morning

  • Ride faster

  • Your seat shouldn't get hot at all. Find the source of the heat.. I suggest the battery!

  • No issues with hot seat here.

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