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Looking to sell my Marthy Custom exhaust. Brand new, never unwrapped and still in the box. Never had a chance to put it on the bike before I sold the bike. It welds on to the stock headers. Quick and easy weld job for any shop or DIY person. I have install instructions with it. No PCV needed since the a/f ratio will remain the same. Marthy made some great exhaust solutions for the fz and at the moment he isn't making them so you won't find another one for sale. Bought this for $350. I'm asking $300 obro and throwing in a pair of Driven Block Off Plates ($35 value) for free. Pay with PayPal or Facebook Pay. Shipping within the U.S.

I'll post a video of what it sounds like in the comments

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  • How hard is it to install? I'm pretty new at this stuff and don't wanna start messing around with parts and screw something up

  • The install instructions are very detailed and super easy to follow and have some pictures also

  • Still available

  • Where at I'm the US are u??

  • Pm'd you

  • Still available. $275 OBRO with brand new Driven Block off Plates thrown in for free. You won't find anything else cheaper that sounds this good

  • Want this so bad :(

  • You have my attention... What else would be needed to mount this? And if I don't run a power commander or other juice box will it rob me of the hp I have now???

  • Jason, all that you need to mount is included man. I have the easy to follow instructions and everything is super straight forward. Not running a power commander will be fine because you are not changing the air/fuel ratio by using the stock headers. The only way you'd want to make sure you run a power commander with this is if you remove the baffle because then you are changing your air/fuel ratio which can make the bike run lean

  • Nathan Lajoie I ll think about it

  • .

  • Just having a hard time parting with my hard earned cash, just to make my bike sound a little better. You should persuade me by saying you'd take 200$. Then send me a pay request and I'll square it away

  • No way I'm taking $200. I'm having a hard time parting with my hard earned cash knowing that I paid $350 for it plus $35 for the block off plates and I'm already taking a decent loss on it. It's brand new still in the wrapping. Good luck finding anything within the price range I'm asking without having to buy a PCV so your bike doesn't run lean. PM me and we'll talk price

  • Still available. $250 and you pay shipping. Final price drop. Brand new, still in packaging. Comes with brand new set of Driven block off plates also still in packaging. Great deal

  • Wow wish I had the cash

  • Good lord someone buy this. You're not going to find a better exhaust for cheaper.

  • Finally sold today. Can't believe it took this long!

  • Congrats bro! Someone got one heck of a deal

  • Have the same exhaust and love it :)

  • Sound clip?

  • Can later

    Not at home currently

  • Ya deal of the century man

  • Cool cool

  • Sold?

  • No adapter between the stock Heather's and slip on ?

  • Welded and cut the included adapter then painted with high temp black paint

  • Looks good

  • yes

  • Nathan Gillette I'd definitely like to hear it