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    I think I need to add more photos to explain what bit I need. This power valve is the same as mine but obviously damaged. I need the 2 pins that hold the two halves in line. None of the dealer schematics seem to show these on a 92 yz 250. Bike is a numbers matching engine and frame. Could this be a later model power valve someone has fitted?

    • I have the pins. But your kinda far and you could definitely find something a lot closer to you.

    • What a coincidence, you live in Windsor, ontario. I live near Windsor, England.

    • i use to get them welled up fail back to shap and re drill use drill cut down i brouht some new one 285 holderis 150 x2 i can see y came to over 550 just for valve damm i well have to bye new one

    • I have 1 pin if that's any help

    • Would you sell it?

    • Neil Harper yeah course bud

    • What would you want for it?

    • Out of an 89/90 make an offer

    • Find any place that manufactures hardened precision dowel pins and order some the same size off them, any decent shop should be able to build that up and reshape it etc

    • If you measure diameter and length check McMaster-Carr for pins. I use them often for parts I can't find locally.

    • Find a drill bit that fits snuggly. cut off the solid end and moto on. I have done it and it works fine. or go to a bearing shop and get loose needle bearing that fit or and slightly bigger and drill to fit.

    • Bone yards

    • Neil Harper Inboxed u

    • Not got anything Nathan Petty. All sorted now. Followed Rick Smorgie Davis advice and found two needle bearing rods that fitted.

    • lol