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Memphis Shades lower wind deflectors on my Deluxe. Bugs were added for definition

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  • Ya these are bolt on no modification

  • That's what I wanted to make sure of.

  • P.S. You need the brackets and the plexi....two part numbers

  • Do you really feel a difference with the lowers attached?

  • Karen M: with the short windshield I had a lot of helmet buffeting from air coming under the fairing up over the sides of the tank. This fixed that in my case yes. Keep in mind I am short and have a solo comfort seat so I may experience different air flow than other riders

  • Ok. Nice to know. Thank you. I just ordered the short windshield also. I might think about ordering the lowers too.

  • Lowers help in a big way. I got them on my last bike and was surprised how much difference they made.

  • I put the same Memphis Shade lowers on my Deluxe but had to mount them with pressure against the blinkers to clear my engine guard while turning. They seem to have dropped some of the wind and I can hear the stereo a little better.

  • Brett Bakker....really? I still have 1/4" clearance , what brand of bars? Thinking of going to JTD lowers so not sure if these will still work or be required

  • I am not really sure what the bars are. I think they are OEM, I had the Star dealer put them on when I purchased the bike last year.