Photos from Paul De Ste Croix's post


Photos of my clear Ermax touring screen.

Only a quick 4 mile ride to work but initial impressions are good. It's on the high setting at the mo.

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  • Good find

  • Regarding the click fasteners on crash helmets, if your helmet has one of these then it wont have a gold ACU badge on it and technically you wont be allowed to use it on the track. Double D ring fasteners are a requirement for gold ACU rating. The GT-Air qualifies for gold ACU so I doubt you'll find it anywhere with the click buckle type fastener.

  • I have one with a buckle fastener Phil. Must be a Europe thing because it came from Italy. Shoei themselves say it's as safe as a D-ring. It's a metal ratchet that has multiple clicks

  • Does yours have the gold ACU sticker, Adrian?

  • No I don't think it does

  • Paul what height are you?

  • Mine has double D rings but also has the gold acu sticker. So looks like they do it in both flavours.

  • I'm 5' 7" with an inside leg of only 29" Kenny

  • Interesting. Got to admit I had assumed you were taller if the ermax screen was still giving you issues. I'm just under 6 foot and with the screen on tallest setting still getting buffeting if I sit upright. Crouching down slightly fixes it. I've ordered one of those screen spoilers so hoping this will fix it finally.