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Speedo relocation from Shane Scalpi

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  • Me no likey

  • Requesting seat info. Also let us know how the glare is on the relocate.

  • Right!?

  • I've thought of relocating mine but if it's not in front of me I might not notice a low fuel light on. At least you don't complain about the air box sticking out then add something to stick out on the other side haha

  • Seat is the Biltwell Solo Seat 2. The glare is just as bad but I rarely look at the gauge. Only for fuel.

  • It's a good balance

  • Not for everyone

  • Seems like you have to take your eyes off the road to far and for too long.

  • I rarely look at it

  • Oh. Well then it's perfect. Out of the way. And gives it some symmetry with the air box.

  • Paul Drohan Can you read it any better than where it is originally?

  • cleaaaaaaaaaaaan

  • Paul Appreciate your support Thanks again!!

  • Nice mines on the right side. I think it looks better

  • #socalboltriders

  • No i cant

  • Like it.... is that a different headlight or just tinted?

  • Yeah it's from LowBrow customs

  • Paul, we're looking for customer photos of the speedo relocate for the new website. If you're interested please feel free to e-mail me some higer-res images and I'll be more that happy to feature your shots on the site Thanks!

  • Will do

  • Much appreciated!

  • I had single yellow lamp in a former Honda.

    It went something like this over the course of a year:

    Georgia State Trooper at a license check:

    "Neat light. I could see you coming for quite a distance."

    Second Trooper in a parking lot,

    "Like the headlight. Very visible."

    Columbus City Police officer that pulled me over for it,

    "You can't have any other color headlight than white!!!

    (more anger in his voice)

    "I saw you coming for three blocks! "

    Sometimes a great safety idea isn't actually legal.

    I was 2 min. from home and the CPD Cpl. let me go with a verbal warning that I change it as soon as I got there.

    I learned that as long as one light is "white", it's okay to have a yellow/amber other one.

    I'm up to four years of hassle-free riding the Tenere like that.

  • I'll chance it. Thx

  • Rad. You can use that pic for the forward controls too.

  • Bastard! HA! I'm sending pics when my bike is done! LOL!!! #wanttobefamous

  • Get on it Alex Paul

  • Paul Drohan LOL!!!! Should ship this week!