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New Hagan shocks! Love them!!

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  • Can I get a link and is there a post somewhere about the nice little power point you have with the gauge?

  • Could you show some more pictures of your power outlets on your side cover and maybe how you did it and where you purchased it.

  • I have pics posted on this FB page.

  • Hard to find

  • Okay. I'll re post them.

  • I have been trying to find the post also. Searched your name on the yamaha group and it's not there. Must have been a sub post.

  • Thanks

  • Would you have a link or name of the passenger pegs you have installed?

  • Like mine they are the Yamaha accessory peg mounts. I replaced pegs that come with them with accessory Yamaha pegs. black-passenger-foot-pegs?b=Star+Motorcycle&d=40%7 C40&f=2016%7C40 spec-passenger-foot-peg-kit?b=Search

    Mine isn't a c-spec, they don't show up anymore on the website for anything but c-spec.

  • How did you make so precise holes? Excellent job.

  • Do you still have your old shocks?

  • Drill press my friend.

  • Indeed I do.

  • May I request you to do that for me please?

  • Let me think about it Suresh...I normally only do this kind of stuff for myself...when I am motivated. :-)

  • Haha... Ok

  • Shocks look good! Those are on my list.

  • Want to trade for rSpec shocks I hate the look of them just a back up for you anyway

  • Matt Morris Tks man but, nah I just want to sell them off.

  • Ya man it looks good man...I like it. R U riding Saturday.

  • sold them