Photos from Phil Meagher's post


So after a very long time in the making I have finally started the disassemble process of the old girl 84 FJ1100, although not really surprised there is going to be some major works i think in the coming months for this motor.

When I cracked the head and had a look at the Valves well you can see, she was blowing a bit of smoke so total valve and spring replacement required.

Looking at boring this baby out to 132?cc i believe is the max for the 1100 block when done will be new from top to bottom.

will keep you posted to the progress.


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  • Good luck. She will be sweet when it is all done.

  • Thanks man its been 10 years coming so finally pulled my finger out and can not wait to get elbow deep in it

  • It is a big job, but most rewarding when you here it run for the first time. I am about to rebuild the original motor for my 1100. It is a similar condition to yours.

  • Nice nice

  • Good job there. If I May suggest to swap the gearbox for a 3cv

  • Thanks for the photos. It will be great to see the progress.

  • Did this to my 84 fj1100 when I broke the teeth off the starter clutch inside the engine

  • Sooooo anyone put a turbo on there FJ