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First mod. Next I'm looking into stainless steel brake lines.

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  • steel braided lines are a great investment, I don't regret getting mine!

  • What are the brands I should be looking into?

  • I don't think the brands are all that important, just find a shop that will get them cut for your specific bike, buying them online could lead to it being the wrong length

  • overall great investment though... I feel like good brakes and tires should be valued above all other mods

  • Just an opinion: The very next mod or first mod I believe anyone should do would be to get new tires. It's amazing on how well the bike handles, brakes, and feels with a good set of rubber. Just a suggestion. Later!

  • My tires will be here Friday. As they say there are in the mail, or on the UPS truck in this case.

  • Nice!!!! What did you end up getting???

  • I went with the Roadsmart 2 for two reasons. First I get to experience the bike as close to factory as I can get, came with the Roadsmart tires. Second I get $40 back on a Dunlop summer rebate. I know there are better options out there for rubber but being my first bike and her having only 6000 miles I feel it will be nice to see how she feels stock before I go changing how she rides.

  • Hey to each their own. The stock tires aren't going to kill you they just aren't as grippy as a lot of other options. Scuff them in for 150 miles before ripping on them.

  • You won't have to worry about me doing much ripping at all. I got this beauty to use as a commuter. One day I may decide to graduate to a supersport but only time will tell.

  • Nothing wrong with having fun with the 6r! I throttled mine like a mad man all the time. Lol. Commuting with it and all.

  • They should be heavily discounted, they are the old model now, i had them on my old R1 streetfighter, didnt like them so i went with battlaxe 016's, they were awesome but very soft and wore out quickly with commuter riding.

  • I'm excited! Just ordered my paddock stands, bead breaker, wheel guards and a balance stand. Next week I'll get my oil and filter.