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One down one to go. The Motion Pro tools really work out if you take your time.

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  • Yup. Screw paying $80 to get tires mounted.

  • Exactly my point. Up front the tools will run you the cost of having both tires done at a shop. After that first change at home you'll never have to sweat it again. For me it just doesn't make since as quick as a bike can eat through rubber to pay $160 every 6k miles. Well my bike had 6k on the originals anyway and you see that on rear in the first pic, it was toasted.

  • Which tires did you buy?

  • I went with the Roadsmart II tires for a few reasons. I'm a new rider so I don't need an aggressive tire. I want to learn to ride the bike how it came off the showroom floor (only 6000 miles). I'm gonna be commuting so I need some good rain capable rubber. Lastly I got a $40 rebate coming from the set.

  • Thanks for the response I'm thinking of getting the same ones

  • Some folks bash on them but they're commuting tires not canyon carvers, lol. They are good in the rain and yes the Pilot Road 4 is better in the rain but at the PR4 price point it's just not my cup of tea.

  • I also commute alot so I think this is my best option

  • In Australia we get free mounting / fitting haha sucks to be u guys

  • Do you have a link for the tools or a list so I can look it up

    I'm looking into getting everything I need to do my own tire change I'm getting everything from tools needed to remove he wheels, all the way to filling up the tire

  • Motion Pro 08-0538 Axis Balance stand, Motion Pro 08-0536 BeadPro and Motion Pro 08-0536 RimShield II all brought through as they were the best prices I found. The weights Motion Pro 08-0455 and 08-0553 I brought straight from since they had the best shipped price online. That's all you need to actually mount and balance the tires. Getting the bike up in there air is a whole other ball of wax.

  • The Venom Headlift Stand and Spool stand I got from amazon as well but I did buy the spool stand and the T-Rex spool adapters which is not need but a must in my book. You will also need the Venom Pin Kit #2 for the Headlift. On the spools the bike is rock solid with no chance of falling due to a bump. I used the spool stand lift to adjust my rear sets and hand controls in a full riding position with no fear of failure.

  • I appreciate the info thanks

  • Nice thanks