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New to group !! From Atlanta/Orlando Hi!!

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  • Welcome! I'm on the EASTSIDE in Covington Ga

  • Nice !! Braselton ga

  • Welcome to the dark side

  • I am the dark side !! lol thanks

  • Love that bomber look what did you use to keeping that seat from moving around?

  • Chrome battery cover looks good talk to me ?!!

  • I flipped the passenger peg backets upside down and removed the pegs to mount the lights to. Then it felt super sketchy. So I took a piece of aluminum pipe, cut it to length, smashed the ends closed, loosened one bracket enough to slide the pipe into place and then tightened the bracket back up. Of course I painted the pipe black before final install. Gunna end up putting a sticker or 2 on the pipe.

  • Christopher Brownlee man your good !!

  • Thank man. I try

  • Will this do it ?

  • I want to say yes. As long as that top flat plate attaches well to the seat, then it seems likely.

  • Christopher Brownlee wasn't to sure that's why I haven't ordered it last option was to get the low-& mean kit & that about 700$ dollars

  • Yeah I'm not willing to spend that much on a seat/fender. That fender doesn't really serve much purpose anyways. And I spent $0 on my setup

  • Christopher Brownlee I know that why I still have my fender. but thanks for the idea I'm going to try & copy cat what you did !! I'll post up if I do it right !!

  • Hell yeah. Lmk if you need any specific details

  • Christopher Brownlee ok!!