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Custom made stainless steel braided brake lines, starting at $20/each.

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  • Made only for the Yamaha XS? Or can you make for any bike?

  • We can do almost all bike, what yo have in mind ?

  • I have a Yamaha Banshee. I'm going to need longer then stock brake lines for.

  • What year is the Banshee ?

  • 2003

  • I don't have the specs for your 03 Banshee, sorry. If you can provide us with the measurment and fittings required, we can build it for you. Please check out the link below for available fittings.

  • So $20 bucks for a front brake hose for a 1976 yamaha xs360

  • Mike Kristin, For 76 XS360, yes, they are $20/each and there is 2 of them for the front. message me if you would like to buy them.