• Photos from Richard Pilkington's post

    Yamaha jog rr

    Pm 70

    Pm 360 exhaust

    TPR transmission/ kevler belt/variator/outer pully new kickstart gears

    Polini 3g clutch and bell

    21mm delorto carb with open filter

    New water pump

    Stage6 temp gadge

    Front tnt style light

    Rear lexes light NEW

    STAGE6 brake levers hydro dipped

    Polini Side casing dydro dipped brake filler cap hydro dipped front wavy disk

    Bcd kickstart

    Str8 fuel cap custem seat

    Chrome bar end

    Stainless foot pannal

    Rear carbon rapped mud gaurd

    Just had full engine rebuild not even done a mile yet iv owned the bike 3 years now and had many many engines due to been bored now i have a new project and i made it quick but not to quick dose about 60mph true speed possible 65mph but not tryed as the buyer wilo no iv allways looked after the bike allso new tyers front and back no tax as cant sell with tax due to new laws also no mot but can put it through one if moneys right test ride it if u like but money up front first no stupid offers as if you no much about pride and joy and peds you can tell its looked after and id like a nice price but it is up for offers