Photos from Richard Washbourne's post


Pics of the Hepco and Becker c-bow system with the oval bags:

Purchased in the USA via

%d comments
  • even though they look a little wide, i think they are a good alternative for those who have fitted tail tidys.

  • They're pretty wide alright, here in Texas lane splitting isn't legal so I don't worry too much about the width. They are actually about an inch wider than the bar ends.

  • Guessing someone with the know how would be able to bend the brackets closer maybe as there doesn`t look like they need to be that far apart from the seat

  • True, but (thinking out loud here) I might be able to add a tool roll or fuel bottle on the inside.

  • Cool l orderd the givi 3d600

  • Original soft bags by SW-Motech are really nice. I have had them on several bikes before and they are sitting close, works with tail tidy, are expandable and no brackets visible when removed (easily).

  • I like those a lot and would have bought them but they are so back ordered that I just lost patience and bought the c-bow.

  • I got lucky here in Sweden, Yamaha delivered these to the dealers instead of the semi soft ones everybody had ordered so plenty available:-)

  • Gonna have to search for those Anders Bengs they look ideal :)

  • You can buy the bags without yamaha logo direct from sw motech and their dealers but I think you have to buy the two "stick-brackets" from Yamaha for a while. Some kind of exclusivity deal I think.