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Here's my latest project......a 1975 Holsclaw 3-rail trailer (MB-9). Was rattle can sprayed in black by past owner....back to original blue color......changing out most bolts due to rust & placing stainless since it sits outside under a deck. I even found a replica fender sticker online to complete the project....just a bit more to do.....& new Monroe shocks on the way!!

I tried placing this originally from my smart-phone but was unable to locate "start discussion" here we go again!

I'm looking for the clevis pins which hold down the rail while in transport since this one only came with one! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Pin needs to be at least 5 1/2" long. The last photo is my homemade pin.....

  • Hubcaps arrived & I have 2 spare! anyone need a set out there?

  • Trailer has NEVER been registered for road use. Will give a gung-ho attempt here in MA to get a title & register this well made bike trailer......GOOD LUCK to me!!

  • My dad lives in NJ and was got a trailer that had no registration or title. He was able to get a registration in Maine with a notarized bill of sale and pictures of the trailer and Vin. He also had to get a power of attorney notriazed for this company to get to get it done for him. It was quick and easy and this company doesn't charge crazy prices. He paid a lil extra for shipping and three days later he had a registration and plate from Maine that can later be transfered. I had found this motorcycle trailer on craigslist for $100 which is what he just used to bring me my DT3.

  • Thanks for that info, Tom. I may end up going through ME if MA gives me a problem! How nice is your Holsclaw from the 70's? Does it have the 3 rail pins for the front or did you have to make your own?

  • Oh no actually the trailer he did it with was just some generic trailer that I found for $100.

  • Trailers all over the country licensed in Maine. That way, too, you don't have to fool with a state inspection.

  • This trailer was used by the last owner (my uncle) to store bikes. Never has it been hooked to a car/truck for travel. My uncle had a hand cart that connected to the hitch coupler & he pulled it in & out of storage to grab one of 2 bikes he had on it & go for a ride for a few hours. Trailer is certainly a time capsule which never saw rain, snow or overcast was bought by my uncle the day he bought a motorcycle from a local Yamaha dealer (no longer in business :()

  • Never thought of it needing a state inspection, Jay, as my other (Harbor Freight folding) trailer never required one. All I have is my $1 bill-of-sale to register this with........if MA sends me packing, to Maine I will go!

  • I know this trailer doesn't have brakes, thats why most states require an inspection.

  • Here's a few more photos now that she's ready for hauling my bikes! Middle rail was previously welded due to a crack so I'll be searching for a replacement rail at some point.......

  • Welded area looks a bit rough! Was hoping to smooth down bulkiness, but don't want to affect the repair! Suggestions on attempting to make rough, bulky area smooth?? (or should I just leave it alone?). Thanks

  • Almost forgot to show the Monroe shocks. Original trailers had the same yellow ones which are still used on smaller campers today!!

  • Darren: Local auto store (Monroe part #: 555002)