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Restored (98% completed) my transportation to & from events back to original 1975 look. Past original owner had rattle can sprayed this trailer black. How many dirt fans remember the Holsclaw trailer name?

Here's some of the photos I took along the way (I started this project ~2 months ago). ENJOY!! Last thing to do is place the tuning forks logo on the fenders (in French blue)......& clean the surface rust off of the coupler lock (somehow).

%d comments
  • It looks great and brings back the good nostalgic memories, but I'm going to have to deduct points for the rust on the coupler lever.

  • I wasn't sure how to remove that thin layer of oxidation, Robert, without scratching the bare metal surface. I might try a metal polish though........ any suggestions?

  • I'm no pro restorer, I would wirebrush(maybe brass) , scotchbrite, then a coat of clear. Will not look factory original but will look respectable from ten feet.

  • Or give it the Joe Abbate Cycle Therapy treatment! Remove components, brass wire wheel the cadmium plating off and replate. I think that's how it's done.

  • I have scotchbrite pads so will give that a gung-ho try. Thanks for the ideas....always helps to have an outsider's opinion (so now I'm ~98% done....again, thank you, RC.

  • No problem. Those trailers blew my mind back then. Coil springs and shocks!!!!!

  • I agree.......very well made, compared to the leaf spring style of today's typical trailer........This trailer should well out live my teens, if cared for properly......

  • Nice job! You can remove the rust rather effortlessly by soaking the disassembled coupler lever in Metal Rescue. Its not an acid, so it won't destroy the underlying metal like a wire wheel. It actually only removes oxides, so it will strip the lever to fresh metal. Or you could send the parts off to get clear zinc plated. They will strip the rust for you and it's not expensive. For instance, had evey fastener cleaned and plated on my bike for less than $200 at the Chrome Shop.

  • Thanks for the heads up, Shawn! I will try metal rescue (if I can locate it locally).....

  • The have to be polished....buffed with compound and brought up to a high shine before plating.

  • Gotta find me one of those it would be great for towing bikes with my jeep

  • These trailers are everywhere.....I have 3!! I was going to show a video of me loading the DT175C on, but have yet to do the trailer is nestled under the deck awaiting the warmer Northeast weather...:) Good luck in your search, John!