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Anyone had the piece that connects the vectors come off. Looking for either a fix or what my options are. Also not sure if I can just buy one or do they come in pairs only.

  • I'd call Is it warranteed? If not, they might be able to sell you the piece.

  • I bought the boat with them already on it. Not sure warranty follows

  • They sell them, so they can advise you. Hopefully they have the piece, but to be frank, they are not too much to replace and easy to do. Well worth having them in my opinion. Great when someone new to a jetboat wants to drive, helps with the low speed, as I am sure you know.

  • Call them, this happen to me. Next time make sure you use locktite

  • They may or may not warranty it. Prob didn't have locktite on them. They will have replacement parts though at jetboatpilot

  • It happens. Must use locktite. The new units come with it. That said jetboat pilot sells replacements

  • Call Will at


  • Call JetBoat. If you bought them through them, they warranty the parts. Great customer service. Sent me my parts right away last summer. (Lost screws and a crossmember)

  • Thanks guys. I'll call on Monday

  • Will is a great guy to work with, really takes care of his customers.