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My 1999 VStar Classic with the new Hypercharger and light kit! Robert Sanders

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  • Love the lights! I have the same bike except green so I put green lights on mine!

  • Yes I tried universal ones and lost one the first 100 miles so I went to OEM. Robert Sanders

  • I bought some oem rails for my soft bags but they don't lay flat like yours do. The bottom of the bags kick out a couple of inches and doesn't look right. Gonna have to modify it some how. I have a V star 1300 BTW. Thanks!

  • Did you modify the pipes? I put the same hypercharger on my 1100, rejetted and put the cobra power pro 2 into 1 pipe . It'll just about shoot out from under me now. It's loud, so I'm considering going back to the stock pipes.

  • What is a hypercharger? What's it usually cost? Does it damage anything? Can it be compared to having the cylinders bored out?

  • It replaces the breather. Used with a different exhaust and jet kit on your carbs, you'll get more torque and horsepower.

  • Can't tell you about boring the cylinders...

  • Paul gosselin. U can take em off and stick them in a vis and pit just a small bend to it remember don't bend on it to much. They will bend perty easy. And that should do the trick for ya.

  • Loud is good. Too loud makes for a headache and cranky neighbors at 0530.

  • Here is my bike I work in construction and kit don't have the time to fix mine all up lol. It's got the charger on it thow got to have that power