Photos from Rod Verhnjak's post

Got cut off thus morning . So mad and a bit sore.

  • Well got my engine bar straighten out it Sure got bent. Saved me from more damage.

  • Did they have insurance?

  • She left while I was getting off the pavement.

  • Ugh.

  • Glad you are ok. Was contemplating buying the engine guards, now I see the benefit.

  • New upr cowling part number 2CA-F8330-V0-00 in factory color (blue) only $411.71

  • glad you are okay to ride another day. Looks like an insurance claim. Did you call the police/get her tag?

  • No insurance unless you hit them. Here where we live I pay the lowest rate possible for insurance and it is $110.00 a month. If I wanted collision insurance it would be another $100.00 a month. If i did not have a great driving record it would be more. I have a 44% discount. Anyways that's life.

  • Wow, I feel lucky......Insurance varies from state to state. For the same bike and full coverage, I pay $23 a month. But in Oregon we pay higher rates for other things, like state income tax at 10%, no sales tax, sort of all equals out in the big picture.

  • Oh trust me we pay lots of tax here. Far more than you.