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Hi, i got a yamaha blaster cylinder in the mail today, in the add, it says that it is OEM , well when i got it, i dont see any kind of markings at all, did all the cylinders from 1988 to 2006 have marking s on them? i believe on a OEM one it says like 195cc , to me this cylinder looks like it might be a chinese one? also would it be ok to send in, get bored, chamfered, and a new wiseco piston, cometic gaskets, and be no issues in the near future? thanks in advance

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  • ok, i really do appreciate, but i just want everyone to know, that what i bought was not supposed to be a chinese one, so now i email the person back , and waiting for them to figure out what to do about this problem , so now i guess i should just take my original OEM one off of my blaster now and send that to this person to work on it, my plan, originally was to get a different jug bored etc, then replace it later on my 1989 blaster, which by the way has 135 pounds of compression, , but i just bought this, and wanted to make everything as good as i could.

  • If you don't have a machinist already Ron then I can do whatever you need. My link is above .

  • We'll thanks , but I already paid someone online , now I just got to figure out what to do , just don't understand why after sending them the pictures of this jug , they said they done many of them , and never had a problem.

  • Send it to Ken OConnor he will get it straight for you

  • As said before it's not that you can't run one of these but extra risk is involved and if your putting the money into doing your motor right this is not what you want.

  • And I agree , that's why I emailed the person back , and asked them how they gonna fix this so called oem China crap jug, well now I have waited six hours for a response , meanwhile I already paid a person online , 185 bucks , so it's a waiting game, if I wanted China stuff , would of just ordered it on eBay, while I wait for a response , guess I should just take my original one off my blaster , send that to the machinist, wasn't the plan , but might not have a choice , but thank you all for your great help!

  • What did you pay for?

  • I paid 28.49 for what the add said OEM 66.5 mm needs bored , free shipping , and 185.00 to another person online to bore it etc

  • PM sent

  • I have a write up you did with pics of a recent one on HPMs page as well. The proof is in the pudding