Photos from Ron Spence's post


Moto GP exhaust

Fork gaiters

Blacked out headlight bezel

OG bones vato stickers to cover chrome on upper forks

Drag bars with 0 rise and 2 inch pull back

Just need to go out and get a bar end mirror for the clutch side

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  • #Badass

  • Rat Bones are a neat touch

  • Totally. Proud of myself for thinking of it. I hated the chrome but didn't want to spend the 100 bucks on the ones from sscustoms or low and mean

  • Did you have to put an air intake or do anything when you put the Moto gp exhaust?

  • Nope. It could stand to be tuned since it pops a little

  • so it didn't affect how it ran except for the little pops Ron Spence

  • Yup. Only pops once or twice if I go from 1/2 throttle or higher to no throttle

  • thanks I'm thinking of getting it .. nice bike btw

  • How does the exhaust sound ? Been thinking about getting one

  • Fucking AMAZING. Not too loud. Nice and throaty

  • Thanks dude

  • How do you like the drag bars? Where did you get them?

  • Got em off ebay for 25 bucks. I dig em so far. I like the OG flat bobber look better then gong with tall bars like most people do

  • Yea same here if you can send me the link to those and the stock grips fit?


    Everything fit. It's flat black and not gloss. I kinda like the accent it creates though

  • You get the 7/8 bars? There out of the 1"

  • Did you get the 1" or the 7/8"

  • Gotta go 1 inch. 7/8 is too small. That ducks they're out. I think I saw other like those