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First off this is my bike , and second I am taking my first long road trip in about a week form mid Ga. to P.C.B. Fla. is there any tips or suggestions for my trip?

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  • Stay hydrated, layer up. Stretch out your body to stay limber. Get plenty of sleep before you head out. Be plz be safe.

  • Twist throttle as much as you can!!!

  • I have a wrist rest. I love it.

  • 1. get some sort of bags so you could carry stuff with you, the more the better (a must, IMO).

    2. layer up.

    3. Make a stop every 45 mins to an hour. With these bars you might have to stop more frequently if your hands getting numb. Pay attention to that.

    4. Ride with your jacket on, even if weather is nice for short sleeve.

    5. Bandana on your face to avoid dirt and fumes.

    6. Drop this nazi helmet BS, get a real one!

    7. I dont know what pipes you have, but you want to take ear plugs with you!

    8. Make sure your headlight beam is good for the highway and for high speed ride (goes a little higher than normal to cover more distance).

    9. Enjoy!!!

  • I was just reading over Zohar Lindenbaum recommendations and a couple things came to mind... Just things I found... Nazi Helmet- It is going to feel like it is ripping your Head off after a few hours. I had one years ago and after the third stop I left it in the trash can at the Royal Farm we stopped in. I have used full and half and 3/4... For long rides I use either the 3/4 or full but, I pack all 3 if possible Minimum of 2.... THe throttle lock will help with Right arm going numb.. it allows you to relax both hands (preferably at different times). EAR PLUGS! I agree- I was at a Motor cycle show and they were selling the custom molded ones for anywhere between 200-450. I went to Dicks sporting goods and bought a kit that let me custom mold some for less than $20. GReat Investment! I actually molded a set of Noice cancelling ear buds into mine so I can listen to Music.

  • I have a full face helmet an I plan on taking it, thank y'all for all the tips and they all will be taken into account before I go on the trip

  • HEre is the link to the Ear plugs I was talking about... It is basically two different puttys you mix together and push in your ear. I like these but I have friends that swer by normal ear plugs... So go with what you like. p?productId=28366766&lmdn=Category&cp=4406646.4413 993.4414427

  • Bring a good rain suit. No matter what it will rain somewhere and the cheap ones rip. Dry socks and a way to dry your boots if needed

  • Spare gloves in case of rain. Bring some snacks that won't melt.

  • Extra headlight and a good Phillips head screwdriver.