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I need of the 8" rim but does anyone have a manual not a owners but a service manual it's the 06 model sure nothing has ever been changed on the blaster except when they put the headlight inside the plastics I need all the specs and the easiest way is to bite the bullet and buy a manual and the picture with my son was three years ago when I just got it the one where it's broke down is now but should be together riden in a week at most finally got tired of being lazy and not fixing it but rim and manual if anyone has one

  • Damn if you are paying lol. Pm me your email for a manual

  • I can send it throigh e-mail only way lol

  • Thanks y'all I was able to get to that link now I just need the rim I'm thinking about getting an old riding lawnmower rim they are the same size I figured if I found one on a mower I'll have a better chance of finding a black one

  • How much

  • 150