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Hey guys, I'm thinking about selling my 2009 Raider Raven S with about 8,000 miles. What do you think it's worth?? It has a 250 back tire and cobra swept pipes. Only reason I'm selling is to buy the new bullet cowl! Thanks!

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  • Yes lol I've looked into it, all said and done be about 900. And why not get a new one if I can get a decent amount for mine.

  • Why not have two lol

  • Make sure you remove the $600 pipes, and whatever other mods you have.... Youll be upside down in this en devour however you look at it.

  • So for $650 painted you can get a bullet cowl vs selling a Raider you have and loosing a few thousand. My thought buy the cowl and get it painted.

  • After you pay the painter he's right it's an 8-900 dollar job but to your point you don't get your money you put in their just paying for a bike that's why I don't sell my 06 vtx1800f I've got over 5k in aftermarket and I'll only get blue book

  • Just looking on cycle trader 2009 raider s with 2700 miles $8200.00 thats about $6000.00 for a bullet cowl. You have a great looking bike. I know it's your choice but like you said you researched and $900 is not unreasonable..

  • Paid $7800 for an 09 with 8k on it last year. Looks pretty similarly equipped

  • Good lookin bike what did they tell u they give u for trade in

  • Dude you can buy that for your 09 for 320