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Hello guys!

Today i have Fender on the rocker ( HUGGER) and fender extension. NEW ! Black shinny version + metal powder painting holders+ bolts.

only 70€ + 15€ shipping for all Europe. I have 5 pcs.

fits on the tire 170 mm and 180 mm ( return screws)

How can you order? Please write to me PM I will send data to money transfer ( Transwerwise is the cheapest way- tax only 2 euro) It safety way- checked. Delivery time usually 1-2 weeks.

and fender extension for front fender ( i have 2 pcs) : 20€ + 8€ shipping.

Recommendation about me? Please ask on this group :)

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  • one hugger for me too!

  • I have 180/55 tire. This is not a good hugger?

  • Good. You must return screws like Francis Minet show. Upper

  • Hi, I wrote pm. :)

  • I have a question. The hugger protects the bags of mud. I use the motor in rain often

  • Does do the hugger protect the bag in the mud? I'm sorry, it was a question - just do not speak English.

  • Yes. Protect :) I have similar bag. Durmitor on this photo.

  • hello, is one hugger still available?

  • Maby in next week i will have 5 pcs more. I will make new offer.

  • thanck you, tell me when you have one, my male is on my facebook profile.

  • Hi, Any hugger left? Would U ship to New Zealand?

  • Please wait for more pcs.m aby in next week will be finished

  • I have last hugger and bellypan.

  • Hi Slawomir, i'm interested in hugger, have you available now? Contact me for the price and shipping cost!

  • John Ellis from here you can buy the bellypan and rear fender...I know you were asking me on the email.

  • John Ellis bougt from me:)

  • ok, good then! I didn't follow the post.

  • I have 180 tyre and hugger fits just fine.