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Just had an unfortunate incident, and my near-cherry '87 isn't so cherry anymore. Driver pulled out in front of me. Possible fork/perimeter frame damage, and extensive fender/fairing damage. Anyone have any suggestions on what to check and where to get the associated parts?

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  • And two legs

  • Rutger, I'll be in touch after I see how much can be fixed! Where are you?

  • I'm also a front mudguard there are not cheap , hope you made it ok

  • The front fender should be simple to replace. Check with they may still have a NOS Black fender front half. Used fenders, Rutger Lagrand, may have one. They do show up on eBay often. Paint it Silky White and have it look better IMO.

  • I have a 87 parts bike everything you need except fender

  • Sorry to hear that mate, hope you're okay.

  • Early 1200 Bandit Front Fender can be fashioned to fit, so i'm told ..

  • An RZ/RD500 fender works well as a replacement.

  • Thanks for the responses and well-wishes guys! Once insurance is done doing their thing (whenever that may be), I'll be in touch for parts! It looks like the bike is mostly okay. The steering got knocked a bit wonky, and I'm not sure if the forks got twisted in the clamps, or if the downtube is bent.

  • RPM not longer has front fenders in stock. eBay, here or through the FJ owners forum best bet for sourcing parts. BUT DO THIS FIRST BEFORE ANY REBUILD. Take the bike to a trusted motorcycle frame shop to have every thing checked for alignment....if not your just throwing money away. It was only after my local shop said my bike was fixable on all levels that I have plowed forward with my deer hit rebuild.