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Morning all, again I with noobs questions)))

What this cap is used for?...guessing that for lubricating, but did not found much info. That place is where middle shaft is connecting ... what kind of lubricant it require and how much, if it is the case?

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  • I spray with chain grease.

  • And, beside original question... I found some inconsistent information in manual

    One place shows that drive shaft splines need to use "Lithium based soap grease", right below then it shows that need to use "Molybdenum base grease "

    Hope some of mechanics guys will clarify all us regard to all that )))

  • Either. Just make sure you use SOMETHING!

  • I think I can see any inconsistency everywhere where they exists, just because working for many years as QA Engineer and my work is to reveal any "issue" on any system :D:D:D so any such uncertainty of things is like a "stone in the eye" ))

    I think one time I will read all the manual and will find many like this

  • The manual was written 15 years ago and I can bet is much accurate then the ones from today...

  • I presume that cap is just a dust cover. That hole helps me see where the shaft is and where I need to put it. Hope that helps.

    The joint where the drive shaft enters doesn't really need any lubricant. I suppose a little crease. Chain lube as stated above would be fine. But I've never seen a Dog with this joint lubricated.

    Remember there is a magnetic pick up sensor an inch from this joint. Any metal based grease such as copper grease will effect this sensor.

  • Thanks Neil Hulse for such useful and detailed info.

  • You're welcome

  • You want to use something like that.

  • I would use the lithium soap based greases for less demanding locations. Also, MoS2 does not go well with wet conditions. (Like the wheels rotary shaft seal.)

  • Finally I used LS only, all looking cool an fresh :D thanks for all for input.