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Need help!!!

Hi guys, I need a good help to clarify a question how to correctly install back the rotor.

When I took it off I followed the manual as per first image

"Align the "T" mark (a) with the stationary point-er (b) on the crankcase cover (left) when the

rear piston is at TDC on the compression


Now, when I want to install it back, manual says that

"Align the punch mark (a) on the timing drive gear

(2) the punch mark (b) on the timing chain drive

gear sprocket and the key position (c) as shown."

But when I removed the rotor - those marks had not been aligned as it states.

So per my image point A and C are correct - when I removed the rotor and gears had been in this positions as shown in black circle.

(I marked the teeth and holes with red/blue).

But points F and B are not aligned, while installing the rotor requires them to be aligned together with point A.

Sorry if this is confusing, but I am confused as well and don't know what to do next, how correctly to install it.

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  • I found some info that I had not seen before, and there no any mention the manual.

    "Once every 8 turns of the motor the dot on the lower cam gear next to the square-like slot with the number 2 by it will line up with the key hole in the crankshaft. When this happens the "T" timing mark will be on its mark (the pointer you made) and the cam gear dot will be on the head pointer. Now you really have to look for the square slot to go behind the flywheel and try to follow it as it will go in line with the crankshaft and at the same time look for the other two timing marks to align. It will be obvious when it happens. "

    Good point is that I marked the teeth and holes on the timing drive gear and the timing chain drive, so I know exactly how the should align.

    But the best way is to follow the instructions above.