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Happy Boxing Day!

Continuing the refurb of my FJ after breaking it down. Obviously well cared for by one of its previous owners. Pretty nice Progressive rear shock with remote reservoir. Any of you fellas seen one like this before?

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  • The 850-1200 is the "progressive" spring rate.

  • Broke it down, threw it in the parts washer...

  • Thought I'd clean up the swing arm whilst I was at it....

  • Came up pretty good although I might go over it with a scotch pad

  • The 850-1200 Progressive spring is the spring that I have on the Goldwing shock that I have on my 1990 FJ 1200. It works great for my purposes.

  • Good to know thanks.

  • Great info. Is the Goldwing shock a straight swap? Or do you have to rebush etc.

  • I shortened the bottom clevis, redrilled the hole and drilled the top mount hole to 12 mm. Made new dog bones to set the ride height. I replaced the powered preload actuator from the Goldwing with the manual one from the BMW R1200 shock that I had tried earlier.

  • The thread is up on the Modification forum on FJOwners. com. I will try to find the link.

  • Nice 86 needs a new shock...I'm on the hunt for a affordable replacement

  • Affordable= Hagon Rich Nichol

  • That is a good affordable choice

  • Love mine.

  • You got a RPM...the Mack

  • For my 1100 yes but my 1200 is sporting a hagon.Got it through British cycles out east

  • Sean Burton, here is the link to my install thread. I think there was some cynicism about the project simply because the shock came from a Goldwing, but im very happy with the shock and the ability to adjust the spring preload in less than a minute with no tools.

  • Joseph Berk

    I read your thread, great information. I did something similar on my RZ...used an R6 rear shock. The geometry was slightly different but it works great.

    Not sure if your mod would work on my bike looks like the earlier FJs had a single casting in place of those dog bones.

    Also joined the forum!

  • Yes sir, I don't think the Goldwing Shock would work well on the first generation FJs without dog bones. And welcome to the forum!