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Happy New Year's eve my FJ Facebook friends! :)

Been doing some sneaky work on the bike today - removing the steering bearing races prior to getting the frame powdercoated. The top race came out easy. The lower was a complete PITA!! No access. Couldn't get in there with a drift...the dremel thing wasn't working for had to take a step back before I messed things up.

Found this bearing race remover on Evilbay...

Had to grind the top edge away to get it to fit....

But finally success! Out in 5 minutes!! :)

Did nick the steering tube a little with my dremel. :( shouldn't be a problem.

%d comments
  • It's pretty easy to remove if you have access to a welder and a right pita if not.

  • Yup bead of weld around the race inner face causes it to contract from the weld shrinking and it comes out easy

  • No welder I'm afraid but good to know.

  • Getting that lower race out of an FJ is a right of passage. It is almost flush with no way to get a grip/punch/drift on it. I dremeled mine out in two pieces. While out I notched the inside lip so in the future someone could get a punch face on the edge of the race. I think some have drilled small hole in from the outside to get a punch in. Then sealed the small holes with silicon. I have a welder but I don't like overhead welding and back then my shield was fixed, now I have an auto darkening one that work great. Should have gotten one a long time ago.

  • I weld a lil bit of steel across it and smak it out from the top

  • Happy New Year. Hope your bike turns out well.

  • This job wait on me... :( in next few days before season...:(