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6000 miles. Still looks great and runs great

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  • Getting real close to that on mine. Great bikes aren't they. Smooth ride. Great power. Handle very well.

  • I just put my first back tire on the back still running the same tire on the front and it runs wonderful

  • I plan to try and stretch mine a bit. i don't see more than 7000k tops though. I still have both factory tires.

  • I just replaced my back tire at 8800 miles. Put the same Bridgestone on back. Its been a great tire.

  • I've really good luck with those on my last two bikes. Dunlops can stay on the shelf. In my opinion that is.

  • Nice i bought mine new in 2013..but because of lower back problems i don't ride it as only has 1000 miles..sad huh?..right now all I'm doing is adding accessories to it..

  • I ride 95 percent of the time with a passenger that's the reason why my back tire did not last as long according to work I bought the bike they said it's about average mileage between 5,500 6,000

  • I replaced my stock tires at 11,000 and now have Commmander II's on front and rear.

  • Have a little over 7700 on mine and they still look good. Just got back from Branson Mo. Put on 800 miles