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Anybody looking for underwater led or

Anything led please let me know how I can help. Feel free to pm me.

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  • Nice...

  • I am eventually

  • Please let me know, would love to assist

  • whats the lumens rating on those?

  • Those are sweet. What are the specs and prices?

  • 1300

  • 1300 lumens

    $210 each

    2 yr warranty

  • for that price I would expect a higher output. they look nice tho. thanks for the info

  • Eric Wallis

    Just food for thought, price some shadow casters

  • Then this one that would be close to mine, u could almost buy 3 of mine for their 1. But i totally understand, to each their own.

  • Shaun Ritter I have two I need to replace but they are 3.5 rounds I believe. The ones in there now have been in 5 years and company does not exist anymore, do you have anything that could replace them?

  • Can u post a picture or pm me. I'll get u fixed up

  • Shaun Ritter this isn't the best picture but it gives you an idea of where they are placed

  • The bottom one was replaced not long ago with one by H2O and they don't exist anymore. So I figured I'd replace the top two with same lights so it matches somewhat instead of having 3 different brand of lights.

  • Shay Lauren

    Is it 3 in the center?

  • Yes. The upper left is out

  • Shay Lauren


    Sent u a pm

  • I'm assuming it's a flush mount with a small wire going through the hole