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Gonna try this sheep skin on my seat a friend said it adds comfort. :)

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  • I like this woodoo

  • I had a smaller sheep skin pad that was filled with gel. It does wonders for ride comfort.

  • Rainey Yangi love this bike sooo much! ! My girlfriend rides a Harley and she says the Bolt is way better!

  • Adam I'll find out tomorrow if it's awesome on the bum lol

  • Good,,,,,Till it rains

  • I have been thinking of doing the same. Is it custom or purchased at a shop/online?

  • I love sheeps ❤️

  • Gord it's from a company in Alaska called

  • Great paint or decal work on your fender and tank. Real cool!

  • Good idea! I have a Mustang seat that made long rides comfortable, but I also have an Icelandic sheepskin not doing anything and will try it!