Photos from Stanley Hoang's post


Sold my FZ6R awhile ago and found a few things lying around.

-Front cowl has damage on both sides mainly on the air rams. (I bought a new front cowl for my bike b4 i sold it, priced at $1000)

-Headlight has a crack in it.

-Everything else is in good condition.

You can probably reuse the front cowl, headlight u can probably use as a test piece if ur looking at doing a projector headlight mod and exhaust you can use as a test piece for a exhaust mod by cutting off the cat.

For everything i'm hoping to get $175. located in NSW 2176

Would like to sell everything in 1 transaction, rather than separating.

%d comments
  • Can I see more pics of the headlight

  • sure i'll take some in a bit. crack is on the lens and i small piece chipped of the chrome on the inside.

  • i've had a proper look at the headlight and i DONT think the lens is cracked only the chrome on the inside has a crack. I've been pushing down on the lens and it doesnt separate.

  • How much?

  • $40?

  • Where you at?

  • Im in or the cowl

  • Australia, nsw, st johns park

  • bump. everything still available If you pick up everything at $175 i'll throw in 2 sets of Vesrah sintered front brake pads (japanese made)