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Fitted FJR luggage..

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  • Make sure you get some insert bags. Had an FJR for 3yrs and only problem with luggage is that it opens out. Suit bike very well though

  • Check out givi trekker boxes too, that's what I got for touring

  • What size are the panniers Stephen and are they UK sourced, a Yamaha part number would be handy too please :-) ( got to be red)

  • Side CasesDouble shell construction. With luggage straps and rubber protectors. 30-Litre/one helmet per case. 4-Point lid locking. Glassfibre reinforced PA. Maintenance free hidden locking system. Lock service available. Painted in unit colour.Requires Side Case Stay Set and Side Case Lock Set to fit (available to order seperately)

    Lava Red (DRMK) Left 5JW-W0753-0L-63

    Right 5JW-W0753-0R-63

  • Thanks, really like them

  • I'll see what my dealer can do.

  • Lava Red are the only one's Yamaha have discontinued Grrrrrrrrrrrrr the dealer put the part number into their network and no other dealers have them either. They were priced at £760 a pair.

  • Keep eye on ebay, I picked up 2 sets in last 3 months, one set was blue, was going to get repainted , then red set came on line, got posted with locks for £200.00. This was seconds set of red I have seen on ebay since got bike..

  • Thanks is the year important to watch?

  • Naw I don't think so, I think all after 2004. Also watch for Frazer or fz or tdm 900, these panniers are all same I think.