• Photos from Steve Ayres's post

    Someone butchered this bike so it's my mission to get it back up to scratch

    • We sell on ebay and thriugh Facebook

    • Do you have a eBay code for the item as having trouble finding you

    • Before and after that's one little peace done. But it's only bumpers and paint lol

    • Only 2 day of sanding and buffing, but hey only paint and bumpers

    • Well all you've done so far is clean it lol.. if you want to put 'but only paint and bumpers' on the end of every post like a child go ahead

    • No that's not polish that's stripping down to dare metal removing the brush steel marks buffing to a mirror

    • An extensive clean then lol.. I know what's involved with polishing to a mirror finish, done it plenty of times with billet ally ..

      Listen, I wasn't saying you won't be doing anything that takes time on it or putting the effort in.. I was just saying its not a big job, not exactly a restoration or a project

    • I don't think 400, 800, 1200, 1500, 2000, 3000, black/gray, green and blue is just a polish!

    • I hav this for sale

    • Sorry mate won't fit I have a classic the holes are diffrent