Photos from Steven Paul Borchert's post

Finished product! Now I'm just waiting for the 8 inch apes and the SS customs drag pipes to come in the mail.

  • i really like that. i am loving the black and white theme

  • Thanks!

  • Good job !!

  • White looks good

  • What did you use to paint or is it powdercoated

  • I think the only thing I might change is doing the heat shields in black so they don't look unpainted compared to the parts that are white. Just a thought...

  • I was thinking the same thing.

  • 3 coats of VHT flameproof flat white. Then 3 coats of the VHT flameproof clear coat.

  • Awesome thanks.

  • Or go white on them too- bezels and mirrors even-

  • what cr in the back? love me some old hondas.

  • .

  • 92 cr250. My other baby. Except she likes to keep the front end off the ground.