Photos from Steven Simon's post

Here's some pics from a shoot my buddy did of the bike. Hope yall enjoy:)

  • Just some drag bars off eBay

  • Love it love the red

  • Love the color !

  • How hard and how long was it to install those bars and mirrors?

  • The mirrors were not a dire let fit. Had to do

    Some finnessingn to get them in there

  • I used an old automobile belt as a friction surface, wrapped it around the mirror insert and then when I got it into the bar, I tightened the spreader bolt down. Hasn't moved but I recommend a mirror made for 1 inch bars

  • Awesome. Thanks for the advice. This was the look I'm trying to get for my bolt

  • What did you use to paint the shifter side engine cover?

  • Exhaust header black paint. Picked it up at autozone and used it onthe exhaust shields as well