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Some more , Congo River

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  • Love to see them so far afield. Couldn't get more remote than the middle of Africa! Here is one of my friends in Victoria, Seychelles. (hope he doesn't mind me posting it) Wonderful boats. Back in the day, we used to travel the Zambezi and Kafue in smaller boats fitted with Hamilton Jets. Would love to do it now in a Yamaha Twin :-)

  • Awesome Steven. Thanks for sharing. So, what about giant croc's, snakes, killer fish, hippo's, rhino's and all the other beasties Hollywood has created. That looks way to peaceful.

  • We do have a prehistoric fish in our waters....

  • I'd like to wear one of those teeth on a necklace...but I suspect I'd wind up in jail. That's one ugly fish...I thought he was in the Amazon.

  • Tiger Fish, Whoopee!