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Hay, Both cases came with oil injection pumps. How would I figure out if they work or not?

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  • Don't. Just get rid of them

  • Take them off throw them in the trash then you know they wont fail...

  • Pump failures are caused by sloppy operators.

  • If maintained correctly the pumps are perfectly reliable.

  • Guess we'll have to agree to disagree

  • Revolving the drive gear with the inlet pipe primed with oil should see them working.

    They will be fine if not killed by poor maintainence.

  • Thank you Terry Preston

  • Will Norton never yet have I seen a pump fail when it has been cared for, it's filthy operators and poor maintainence that kills them...

  • Well im not a "filthy operator" and I dont poorly maintain my machines..congrats though on never having one fail

  • Will Norton if you have had a pump fail it would be good to know why, please share why you think the pump failed and what damage was caused..

  • The oil injection system is perfectly reliable.

  • So is a toilet but it dont mean shit dont come up..ive never said they COULDNT be reliable..I have my preference as do you..I like to know I dont even have to worry about mine failing.i premix and thats my preference as would be my advice to go a different route thats cool.

  • Will Norton so your preference is to rob precious lubrication , loose power and take the risk of oil depletion on throttle over run.

    The oil injection system is designed to supply the correct amount of oil at all times.

    The only time one should be thinking of removing it would so one can use an oil that will not inject.

    The Blaster engine was designed to use oil injection, that's one reason that Yamaha fitted it.

  • True. But I've had stick break the oil tank while on trails before. And even tho the oil light lit up I still had to push out of the woods. Ever since then I delete the oil injection and pre mix.

  • Lol how am I robbing lubrication with a premix? Apparently you have more time to spend with this argument then I of luck to ya and im sure you can find someone else who'll bicker with ya

  • Ralph Osborn that's bad luck, but no reason to remove the injection system.

    I have had rocks crack a crankcase , so I fitted a plate to avoid it happening again.

  • Will Norton do some research on oil migration and depletion, I don't have the inclination to bandying words with you.

  • Jest cap them off and pre mix your fule

  • I am afraid that removal of the system requires a little more than capping off.

  • If your not confident in the pumps clean them and if your still not confident in them delete them. Hust my two cents