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I know is not Warrior related but check out these old Yamaha Bad Boys!!!

1988 Yamaha Terra-Pro Home 350 Such a quad have not seen, very rare, it is the only quad with built factory, power transmission shaft, which is able to work with many type machines lawn mower, tiller, sprayer, etc. all required drive shaft, and it is a quad which have the possibility of locking the rear dyfferencjału (rear diff lock), quad driven only on the back of the shaft (2WD) engine and gearbox from Big Bear 350.

1989 Yamaha Pro Hauler 230 Something for gardeners , another unusual solutions quad with strange type rear differential lock, and a thermostat to turn on the fan to cool the engine, was driven only on the rear (2WD), which was inhibited drum brakes, electrically lit, 5-speed semi-automatic transmission (running fast or slow, or 10 gears in total) have reverse and drive shaft. You could order your normal, special off-road tires with special version of gears and only free.

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  • great machines. and thats what they was. machines.

  • My buddy has a mint condition terrapro. All stickers attached, original tires with nipples still.

  • Bad ass

  • Yeah my neighbor up the road has a perfect terrapro

  • Guy on the forum has 2 terrapros he is restoring.

  • We used to have good sized mower that pulled behind the trailboss when I was a kid... used it for contracts cutting around well leases...

  • Looks like it was based off of a bigbear

  • Great quads! There are very few here in Argentina but they`re in excellent shape.