• Photos from Tom List's post

    On the water today, tomorrow is supposed to be nice, but there is 80% chance for a significant thunderstorm, getting out while I can.

    • Najaf kind of paddle board is that on the right - is it inflatable?

    • If you have any questions about paddleboarding lmk, I not an expert paddle boarder, but I know what I bought and like. Also whats cool is the wind picked up and th waves were about 1+ lay on the board you don't even feel it

    • Sorry wrong link, that's one on the left see this one. http://m.costco.com/Jimmy-Styk s%C3%82%C2%AE-10'8%22-Thresher-Inflatable-Stand-Up-Paddle-Board-Bun dle-.product.100282138.html

    • Wonder how that compares to the tower brand - did you do any research on that one?

    • If Costco has it I buy it! Yes, I did, but it was new, some good reviews on Costco, some not for silly reasons. It is 3 inches thicker and a bit heavier, but it tackles waves etc NP! Costco will let you return anything, so buy your tubes and stuff from them, like it, keep it, if not return it a year later, np

    • I'll be out at Lake Anna on Sunday!