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  • I have factory racing wavy discs factory racing red master cylinder cover factory racing red full fairing screw set factory racing red chain adjusters bmc racing air filter Metal 7x5 number plate tail tidy 12 colour flashing LED sidelights custom mirrors red rear seat cowl rad cover Brembo red rear brake bottle red rear brake arm red and carbon yzf racing grips yamaha carbon yoke cover scorpion exhaust red rear hugger red brake and clutch leavers double bubble and bigger tyres

  • Might of misses a few things can't remember all of the shit I did to it lol

  • You know that's a good collection my man.. I forgot to add my k&n panel filter and oil filter

  • Like your handle bars they r factory racing ent they on there site they r like £90 for the one and tbh I thought fuck that lol and luckily I didn't get them coz I have come off mine so they could have snapped

  • Dammit I just deleted my whole post by accident

  • Lmao

  • Selling her now any way want £1700 for her

  • Your only 3.5 hours away lol ;)

  • Yea lmao