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Passenger seat and pegs on, wife can't wait to go for a ride

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  • Hell I'm uncomfortable after an hour. I hate the stock seat. I just don't feel like dropping more money into this bike.

  • Especially when the nice Mustang seat cost so F-ing much!

  • Ugh I know! I want the one with the driver backrest too! Probably looking into a different bike next spring anyways

  • I'm gonna build my own this next go-round. I'm excited!

  • I put on tall backrest and bought an AirHawk for my pillion and they're very happy with the ride/comfort.

  • I tried the airhawk and I didn't really care for it. I was actually more comfortable on my fz6r seat than I am on my bolt.

  • Enjoy I love my bolt

  • I agree my significant other refuses to ride over 45 mins one way without stopping 2200 times. Lol

  • Only thing I dislike about my Bolt is/was the seats. I installed a Mustang seat and the ride improved 100%, but still have not found a viable alternative to the tiny pad seat for the passenger. Slip on exaust from Danmoto is next, but would like to hear from anyone who has found a better buddy seat.

  • Well I look at it as a bobber so I wasn't expecting it to be as comfy as my couch, or a goldwing lol .. Less is more in my book" right now anyway" haha