Photos from Tylar White's post

Got the warrior running today thanks to my zoom zoom carb definitely worth 66$ !!! Just had to do some tuning on the carb for the pipe

  • Funny we are on a yfm 350 page and thats all honda, and my ex LOVES the edelbrock!!! So facts are??? Go away honda guy!!!

  • FYI anything thats metal on my quads are powder coated, by ME! And the quad in my cover photo was my first when i was 15, 11 years ago! ;) And if youd like a build list for my last yfm, considering thats what page we are on id gladly give it to you and take pics of every reciept and post all pics from start to finish of every build ive ever done

  • Tylar White I just ordered the same carb..did it fot ok ..and what kinda carb is that? Is it the one that ppl are talking carp about im lost ..I wanna know I got a 01 warrior

  • No a lot of people like these carbs I love it its a zoom zoom didn't take much tuning and it runs great

  • What do you mean tuning ? ..I have alot of issues with my bike plus thr rod set was rotted ans has a hole in so I needed a new carb and I have an after market exhaust and air filter ..the bike was bolging down when just cruising I toom it to a shop and they could not fix it ..I got a new carb and dyno jet kit so far

  • I also had a rev limiter problem so I got a parking break block off.

    .im going to start using this page to ask questions ..this is my first quad ever and I dont work on anything so im so lost I do have a guy saying he will help me this weekend ..I will keep an update

  • These bikes have very common I issues and im trying to buy all new parts for them so I bypass all that

  • I mean theirs an air fuel mix screw on the bottom of the carb and u have to play with that till its proper for your bike . I have a lot of aftermarket as well and some times u don't need tuning sometimes u can just hook up and its good to go

  • Well I got the jets kit just in case I mean if I hook up the carb and its good to go I will be happy as hell ..would not know what to do with the jet kit then lol I think I gotta buy a clutch kit cuz now when I shift gears the bike makes a clocking noise

  • What do u mean a clocking noise? And I didn't check the jets when i put the carb on but from what I hear u can't rejet the zoom zoom carbs