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So I've taken my timberwolf swingarm apart on my dx225 because of what I thought was a busted differential to find this. It looks like someone stripped the splines and tried to weld and cut new ones to fix it. I'm surprised it lasted the last year that I've owned it will as hard as I am on it. So now instead of swapping out the diff I have to buy an axle.

  • Axles are sketchy to buy because people say the are straight and you get it and install it to find out its a banana

  • I know but at this point don't have the money to buy an entire parts bike with one I know is good. I have an idea of how im going to repair this axle but I have to talk it over with a guy at work.

  • And if you ever wanted to know the splines on a dx are bigger than a timberwolf so you wouldn't be able to swap the rear differential to get the dx's higher gear ratio or vise versa.

  • Thanks for the info brotha.

  • Timberwolf axle might be rare

  • They aren't rare on ebay but they are expensive! The beartracker is similar but you have to buy a smaller ID seal for the diff and machine a spacer for the right side and those axles are cheaper but it ends up being cost vs labor. I'll just buy one a timberwolf axle and be done lol

  • Good luck with her brotha

  • Im gonna need it lol