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I just picked up another 250 timberwolf for my next dx225 engine and swingarm swap. This one is going to be for the wife. The dx is almost torn down and i have most of the parts sold I wouldn't be using. This should be one sharp dx when we are finished.

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  • It ran decent just smoked I don't know what filling crankcase had to do it running different and blowing up

  • Sounds like the carb leaked into the crankcase. I did that with my kx125 once . I had left the fuel on and it settled in the crankcase. Went to kick it over and it was like it was locked up. Took the plug out and kicked it a few times, put the plug back in and fired it ip and sprayed fuel mix all over from where I had tried kicking it to start with

  • Unless the gasket between the case halves are bad and is sucking oil from there

  • I did the swap and it keeps popping the headlight. Do you have that issue??

  • No. And mine has be going for over a year

  • What about the harness... I kept the dr harness in it

  • Could be a bad regulator or a bad ground

  • Everything worked fine before the swap. The reason I did the swap was because it got to where I had to check the gas and fill it up with oil every ride...

  • Could be a bad engine ground

  • Thought of you