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Picking up this tomorrow.

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  • 2013 10000km. Looks new and new pirellis

  • Such a beauty. Wished yamaha were to give it something different. It be sweet to have an X-Plane 600cc lol

  • Niiiiiiceeeeeee there is a lot of differences with the 6R obviously but one thing is in the paper other is feeling the bikes, is really that uncomfortable?, overheats easily?, no torque? that's what I hear lots of time about the R6, but hell that bike is beautiful.

  • Its a super sport. Expect it to not be a couch. No tq? Well, what do you expect? It revs up to 14k rpms.

    As for overheating, flash the bikes ECU to make adjustments to when the fans kicks on and you're golden lol.

  • $8k. Canadian. Won't put as many Kms on it but couldn't resist. Good stepping stone for whatever is next. Hopefully I can hold off a few more years before buying another one. The wife doesn't know yet. Not sure how I'm gonna hide it.

  • The two tone grey black matte finish just looks amazing (I think).

  • Oooooo. Dead man walking. Didn't tell the wife!

  • I see, where I live the clutch of that bikes worn out quickly because the slow traffic and there is no plain surfaces here, we are in the middle of mountains lots of steep streets so frequently you hear how that bikes are punished to launch, that conditions make 'em so unpopular, not as the 6R, only around seven in whole country (people hates them)

  • Nothing wrong with riding in slow traffic with them, the rider probably slips/rides the clutch alot to not have them last so long.

    But for urban riding, I'd go with something of a sport standard for their better handling characteristics at low speeds.

  • Yeah agreed, the R6 doesn't come with the required talent, is just pure raw material, up to you what to do with such killer machine, here we are used to tiny sub 200 c.c, they are underpowered but are a bless to conmmute, lightweight, and fuel economical, they resist all kind of abuse and misuse, the manteinance is cheap and easy, but when you step up in a 600+ bike even the way to ride them must change for the optimal and fun use, not all people apply that and in the end they blame the bike.

  • An r6 rev at 17500 max and the r6 as the same amount of torque that the fz6r has in hp. Obviously a supersport is not conformtable. Pretty good bike i love mine

  • Wanna try one, but the price difference with 6R is abysmal, have to keep saving for a while, something weird here is that used r1's tend to cost same or less than r6 counterparts.

  • Wow. What a fun ride. Much different. Feels like a real race / track bike. It is a beast

  • wasn't that bad was it?