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Okay guys, I need some help on this one. I can't get the headlamp to come on. It has continuity through the power and ground wires to the light. But won't pop on when the bike is running. I don't have the key switch wired in, just hot wire from the stator straight to the coil. Would this not allow current to go to the lamp? It's a 72' 360. Any advice would be great, thanks!

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  • All the power for the accessories like the lights all runs through the key switch. You have power and ground that run to the key switch and then it gets distributed from there. If you don't have the key switch wired then none of the lights will work. Hope that helps. I can try and find the wiring diagram for the 360s if you need it

  • click Asian cycles and then Yamaha diagrams. Should be able to find the one you need

  • Thanks!

  • Yup anytime

  • Lighting power comes from the stator yellow wire.

  • You have to coils inside the fly wheel ones ignition other is lighting , there should be 4 wires coming out out the case , sounds like you have used 2 of them.

  • Pretty sure you can burn the headlight with the key turned off. I remember going down a hill and turning off the key and the headlight stayed on as long as the engine was turning.

  • Be sure you send the yellow wire through the rectifier and battery or the bulbs will blow out at high rpm.