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Took off the knuckle guards this evening. The MT09 bar ends do fit the Tracer, you have to use a 12mm hex key to remove the inserts (thanks Gus) You can use the originals but will need smaller (in length) Allen bolts.

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  • Cheers.but why the screen ?

  • Sorry no, the Evotech ones that I have are one piece solid. The Tracer ones are hollow, it's one Allen Bolt that fixes the bar end, spacer and hand guard to the bar.

  • Steve, great question. I could lie and save some embarrassment. I've just realised that I could have turned the steering away from the mirrors. What a knob, and I'm a time served mechanic.

  • I did the same, took hand guards off and fitted MT09 Evotech bar ends, not quite happy with them as they don't screw far enough into the bars so left with a gap between grip and bar ends. Gonna see if the switch clusters can be moved a touch or if they are fixed to their position with a peg into the bars.

  • Gus, what diameter are the Evotech bar ends that you have? Mine were way too large. Thanks

  • Wayne, you need a 12mm allan key to remove the 'plug' in the end of the bars that the Tracer bar ends screw into, then your new bar ends use that thread. I'll post some snaps later on.

  • Got it, I'm out to the garage now

  • Gus, are they normal handed? I have had to order a 12mm hex key

  • As far as I can remember yes, they do have a dab of loctite on them though, getting the pillion peg brackets off took me 2 days worth of spraying with WD40 to shift the allen bolts, nightmare.

  • Weird. When I fitted my Givi rack the pillion pegs came off no problem with my ratchet.